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Even though Gorilla Gym places a huge focus on the wonderful, functional, and gentle Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the Gorilla Gym isn’t just a BJJ school.

Even though the Gorilla Gym does place a substantial emphasis on the most effective of all stand up fighting Arts; Muay Thai Boxing, the Gorilla Gym isn’t just a Boxing, or Kickboxing Gym.

Even though the Gorilla Gym does place a large emphasis on the extremely neglected aspect of fighting inside the clinch, which includes strikes (elbows, knees, hands, and so on), takedowns and throws (from Greco Roman wrestling, freestyle, and BJJ), and positional control (from Greco Roman, and Muay Thai), the Gorilla Gym is not a wrestling Gym, or MMA “fight club”.

The Gorilla Gym is about people, and our mission is to provide the state-of-the-art in self defence, combat athletics, fitness, and personal growth, to each and every type of human body that walks through our doorway. Not just 20 Year old Athletes (although they will undoubtedly get what they need right here also), but to professionals who have to work 40 hour weeks. To females of all ages. To older men and women, trying to get into shape, have fun, and learn self defence. To youngsters of all ages who can discover martial arts in a positive environment of friendship and fun.

Gorilla Gym is for everyBODY.




Looking for MMA Classes in Stoke On Trent?

Well, rest assured you have come to the correct location!  We’re certain you’ll discover your classes here to be better than anywhere else in Stoke On Trent.

Are you searching for MMA Classes for Children or Adults or just to find out the differences between the martial arts on offer in Stoke On Trent?

MMA lessons in Stoke On Trent is cheap compared to other tuition however it’s an investment in your time which no doubt is priceless.  Therefore, it is hugely important that you choose the best MMA self defence in your area right from the beginning.

About MMA Classes in Stoke On Trent

Not all MMA classes are equal, in fact some are certainly greater than others.  Irrespective of the motive for wishing yourself or your child to study MMA, we understand that you don’t seek to waste time studying one, only to reveal that it doesn’t actually work for the real world.  We also know that you don’t wish to discover when it is too late that there is MMA classes somewhere else in Stoke that better prepares students for the reality of defending ones self or our loved ones.

For these reasons, our club is at the cutting edge in that it only offers MMA that has been proven effective in competition and on the street.

Why are MMA classes in Stoke On Trent trained with functionality in mind?

It’s a healthier way to train.  A good MMA club in Stoke On Trent will provide an environment where healthy competition is encouraged and the participants gain confidence in the self-defence skills they’ve earned – as well as their improved fitness level.

And, most importantly, the MMA training is fun.  After all, if it weren’t enjoyable, our members wouldn’t be coming back every week.

The skills are directly relevant to street self-defence situations. MMA for self defence emphasizes awareness of the immediate environment, conflict recognition and de-escalation.  Fighting, as it should be, is a last resort.

MMA exponents know that their skills are functional as they make them work against resistance, every practice.  They can focus on the more important aspects of training: enjoyment and personal growth.

Oh, and did we mention that they also have fun!

Functional Fitness and Stress Reduction at MMA Stoke On Trent

What’s good for developing self-defence skills is also good for developing real world fitness.  Because MMA involves constant, adaptive movement of the entire body (rather than static positions or robotic exercises), it is an excellent method of getting fit and reducing stress.

And unlike many of the fad workouts promoted in the media today, our MMA classes in Stoke On Trent are never boring.  Training for performance by its very nature requires your concentration, interaction, and involvement in what you are doing.  As much as it’s about developing new skills, it is also about being in the moment.  That’s natural stress relief at its best!

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